Wayne Stuart 


  • Stand-up Comedian 
  • Life Coach
  • Emcee 

I am loud outspoken and adventurous. I have always had a passion for people as weird and wonderful as they are, this passion is not just in getting to know people but also helping them in any possible way.

I am a Stand-up Comedian, Life Coaching and Emcee. I also have a passion for Motivational Speaking and Mentoring. How all of these meet I do not know, but I will find a way to make them all come together to create a life that reaches out to others. 

Life is a gift that needs to be explored and enjoyed, so do not limit yourself to the confines of what is “normal” take the leap and live the life you want to live. Feel free to join me on this awesome journey if you will, and explore what life has to offer like never before.