My journey as a Stand-up Comedian started in February 2019 in a little town called Bethal, just outside of my hometown Secunda. Believe me when I say it was the last place, I ever thought I would perform stand-up, but it was my first opportunity, so I grabbed it with open arms. I approached a collogue of mine who has since become a good friend and asked him how do I get involved in Comedy? He asked me if I have some material to which I responded, “I do not have much”, but I was determined to get up on that stage. So, I prepared my first five-minute set and got ready to blow the crowed away.

The show was amazing and that feeling of being on stage as a stand-up comedian was something else, I have been on stage many times as an emcee, life coach and motivational speaker. So, doing the comedy was a feeling like no other and the thrill of it made me want to be on that stage every day. Non the less my journey has been fruitful so far and I am grateful to every comedian that has given me a spot on the comedy stages thus far. And I look forward to being on the stage for many more years to come. 

My style of comedy is Anecdotal, Heritage and Observational. I enjoy telling stories and I use these three methods to portray my humor. I am still young in the comedy world, so I am still finding my voice. However, I have a lot of stories to tell and a lot to offer to those that watch my comedy, to put it in a nutshell my humor comes from everyday life and experiences. You know when a family member does or says something funny one cannot help but to elaborate on it or rewrite it to bring out all the humor in what was said or done. I believe that laughter is the greatest medicine and being able to make people laugh is one of the greatest gifts one can have. So, I would like to bring humor to everyone that I meet young and old with great enjoyment in the art of being a Stand-up Comedian.

This is the good that comes from a dark place in my life, when I was 23 years old, I was drinking pretty much every day of my life. And at some point, I went on a five-day binge without eating anything, by the end of the five days I thought I had a severe hangover but still went to work thinking it will subside once I have eaten and had something to drink.

Little did I know I had caused trauma to my pancreas and ended up in hospital. My entire body pretty much started shutting down due to my pancreas that had collapsed. I was in hospital for a week and every day while being there I got worse, at some point the doctor told me “Wayne there is a fifty percent chance you going to make it out of this alive”. It truly was a scary time, and I was upset with myself because I knew better but no that time partying and wilding out was way more important and pretty much a way of life for me.

To cut a long story short after I had fully recovered, and I did not touch alcohol for four years and eight months as the doctor warned me that drinking again could be detrimental, in that time I did a lot of soul searching and introspection and realized that I got a second chance in life. So, I did a course in Life Coaching in the hope of helping others and myself in the process by learning and teaching those that want help. With whatever issues they have provided I can assist them.

It has been a slow journey but extremely rewarding because I have had the opportunity of speaking to people from all walks of life and of all ages, and I can tell you with certainty that every single human being needs help because we are all faced with challenges in life. So, I hope to help others as best I can through this journey. By teaching them that you are not your mistakes and you can bounce back from them, what I have realized is that humans are not lost, they merely require guidance therefore we cannot lose hope in our fellow man instead we must rather guide them and try help wherever we can.

Here is an interesting story. My cousin got married a few years ago and asked me to be his emcee thirty minutes before his wedding started, because the emcee they hired dropped them. Me being the person that I am willingly accepted the challenge. To my surprise there was no mic or any sort of sound system that could carry my voice. But I went with it anyway because I could not drop my cousin as well on his wedding day, bear in mind this would be the first time that I ever emcee anything, so I was honored for the opportunity.

The wedding reception was beautiful, and luck was on my side it was a farm wedding and the way the tables were set up made it easy for me to navigate through the people, which in turn made it easy for everyone to hear me. It was quite difficult in the beginning but once I explained to everyone that there is no sound, they all cooperated with me beautifully allowing the proceedings of the wedding to run just as planned. 

Every single event needs a host that engages with the guests, and dives into tasteful humor while keeping the program running smoothly. That is where I come in by bringing my clients my “A” game every time they hire me to emcee or host their event. My passion for public speaking allows me to speak to people with ease and on any platform, so when it comes to being an emcee, I am not limited at all and I am able to work with any crowed in any set up. 

There is something special about clients entrusting you with their events and running the entirety of a function to the best of your ability.